Why neutral colors are the best

Are you averse to neutral colors? We will disprove the notion that brighter is better. While there is no denying that there is room for color in your daily life, there are many good reasons to choose a neutral scheme for your interior design. You don’t need to make neutral colors boring. A neutral background can be used to highlight bold elements in your design that might otherwise seem garish. For a second, forget about the red paint and go ahead and read this…

These are the top reasons you should stick to a more simple, neutral-on-tone color scheme in your home’s interior.

Neutral colors show off Furnishings & Textures

Sometimes, the textural aspects of a room are overlooked. This textural design tip is a secret of interior designers. A neutral background creates a warm interior when it is mixed with warm textures like rough-hewn wood elements, shiny tiles and nubby linens.

For example, walls painted bright orange can make any textural elements disappear from the background if they are painted with a bold color. Although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if done correctly, it can make a space feel uncomfortable if there is no layered or textural design. Layering textiles is key to creating warm and well-designed spaces. Neutral colors make it easier to do this.

This design style has been a staple of Scandinavian culture for centuries. See the photos below – the neutral colors allow feature pieces to shine and tell the story about the room’s design.

Never Get Tired of Neutral

Do you remember painting a room with a bold, vibrant color? Did you ever paint a room in a bold, bold color? How long did that take you to get the paintbrush out again and cover it with something more soothing? Another example of bold-gone wrong is the bright red couch you believed you had to have. Three years later, and you’re pretty sick of it.

This is one of the greatest benefits of neutral colors: you will never tire of them. The classic neutral color will never go out of style. You can add some bright colors to your home by adding a few pillows or buying beautiful flowers. A neutral color scheme is an investment. It will allow you to avoid buyer’s remorse, and ensure an interior design that will last forever. This bedroom is an example of neutral done well. This bedroom would not be as calming if it had bold walls.

Neutral Colors Offer Colorful Opportunities

We understand. We get it. You want an interior that reflects your personality and is unique.

Wrong! You should pick a neutral background for your interior. A neutral background allows you to display your individual tastes and design preferences.

Designers choose neutral walls because it allows high-quality furniture to be seen and highlighted in modern interiors.

Neutral Works For Any Style

While we have discussed why neutral is best in modern interiors, here’s the thing: neutral colors can be used with any style. A neutral background is perfect for any style, whether you’re modern, traditional, eclectic or just love country charm.

Barb Schwarz, a home stager, says that neutral colors like white or grey can make a space seem bigger, brighter, cleaner, and more welcoming. These neutral colors can be used with any style and taste, so potential home buyers can envision their furniture in the space. This statement is evident in the living room shown below. The grey-on–grey color scheme is not cold. The space looks very clean, inviting, well-designed and warm.

You see, neutral colors are the best choice for any interior design statement. You will never tire of your home’s neutral colors, creating timeless classic homes. Modern interiors can also benefit from neutral colors, which allow the architectural elements of your design to shine. You can easily add some brightly-colored cushions to your neutral background if you become bored. This proves that neutral is not boring. It is a great option for the home designer who loves to keep their options open.

Which neutral color scheme do you prefer? Why?