Modern Architecture: Why Modern Architecture is so Popular

Modern architecture offers something for everyone. You can still find something to appeal to your tastes, even if you tend towards the other end of the design spectrum (i.e. You can still find elements of modern design in rustic country. You don’t believe me? This article will convince you otherwise. The philosophy of modern architecture is based on the principle that form follows function. Modern architecture is simple and shows the structure and materials of the building, rather than hiding them with elaborate designs. Modern architecture features elements of steel, wood and glass to showcase these industrial structural materials.

What is Modern Architecture?

There has been some confusion between the terms modern and contemporary in the world of design. This confusion leads us to ask the question: Is contemporary architecture/design equal to modern architecture/design? There is a lot of no and some yes. The literal meaning of contemporary is now. However, modern refers back to technological and engineering advances that occurred before the turn of 20th century. Modern architecture, on the other hand, focuses more heavily on metals like steel, concrete, and glass. Contemporary design can use the same elements as traditional, but its designs are new, rethought or forward-thinking. Clear as mud? Clear as mud? This image is an example of modern architecture that is simple and clean.

Modern Design is Unique

Modern architecture is unique despite its simple styling, which avoids unnecessary fluff. Modern architects have created some the most innovative designs. Look at the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, and many other famous architects. What architectural designs do you see in your neighborhood and streets? Are they the unique, one-of-a kind modern designs or the more common traditional designs that merely copy each other row after row? Modern architecture is not cookie-cutter. Look at the uniqueness of modern architecture’s bold and angular roof lines. The unique design is a masterpiece of art, from the vaulted ceilings to the exposed structural elements to the unusual linear elements.

Modern Architecture: Restrained Palette

When it comes to decorating modern homes, less is more. It’s not a good idea to cover up all the architectural details by adding ornamentation. These designs are meant to be a statement, and the interior decor is simple, natural, and clean. The furnishings are made from steel and wood and help to highlight the architecture. The home’s blueprint and materials are the main focus. However, modern homes can still have a few touches of color or add character through decor. It’s important to add to architecture, not take away from it.

Modern Architecture: Warmth

Modern architecture is often criticized for being too cool or cold. It could be argued that the opposite is true. A large number of modern designs feature elements that are naturally warm and inviting, such as wood and stone.Floor-to-ceiling stone fireplaces, large windows that let in natural light and vaulted post and beam ceilings– what could add more character and warmth than these wonderfully modern features? Modern architecture is clean, uncluttered, and linear. However, it does have warmth. Do you love modern architecture? Keep reading …. if you still want a touch of tradition.

Modern and traditional architecture can co-exist well

They can coexist. When done correctly and with some restraint, mixing traditional and modern architectural elements can work well. There are many examples of successful mingling of these seemingly opposite styles into one cohesive design. The image below is an example of a traditional and modern union. This home is a unique combination of cedar shingles and modern structural elements. To be brave enough to attempt it, one would need to be bold. It is best to do this under the supervision of a professional architect. You can have both modern and traditional.

Modern architecture is a wonderful thing! Modern architecture is unique and warm. They are also open, welcoming, and beautiful. You can even incorporate traditional elements into modern designs and still get the best of both worlds. Look for local architects to help you design your dream home. You can also read 10 Contemporary. What elements of modern architecture do you like best? We’d love to hear your thoughts!