How Luxurious Interiors Make Our Brains Smile

Even better, the word feels good on your tongue. It’s so simple and clean. It could be the simple fact that a mere mention conjures up images of spacious mansions, elegant cars, and designer collections.

Everyone loves extravagantness, especially when it involves interiors. We see it all the time. Insider peeks into the homes of celebrities can cause magazines to sell out. We would love to have tips and tricks on how we can give our interiors a luxurious look.

It turns out that there are some unifying traits about how our brains view luxury. You can find out more by taking a look at the below.

What is Luxury?

Why Our Brains Love Luxurious Interiors
Why Our Brains Love Luxurious Interiors

There is no one way to create luxurious interiors. Interior design is more about creating an atmosphere in the space, rather than following strict rules. To give you some guidance, we asked several designers to explain what luxury means to them.

  1. Candice Olsen says, “Luxury to me encompasses all elements of life that don’t necessarily need, but without which life wouldn’t be as charming, beautiful, or fun.”
  2. Christina Hadzi: “Rooms can be tailored to individual needs and have an element of convenience.”
  3. Raymond Boozer: Flexibility is the biggest trend I see. It’s OK to mix high- and low-end and still create a luxurious space. Personal preference is more important than pedigree.
  4. Billy Baldwin: “Lately I have been thinking about how comfort might be the ultimate luxury.”
  5. Michael Foran: Luxury to me means quality, custom, unique designs and attention to detail.

These are some of the things you should keep in mind when designing your interiors. What do you think they look like? Ask the same questions if you’re considering hiring an interior designer to help with your next project. This is a quick and effective way to see how your design styles fit together.

Lavish Items Feel Self-Indulgent

Why Our Brans Love Luxurous Nterors
Why Our Brans Love Luxurous Nterors

Luxury is often associated with certain feelings. These include lounging on a plush sofa after a long day of work, taking a relaxing hot tub in an elegant Jacuzzi tub, and even cooking on a large island in the kitchen that allows for plenty of space. These things can make us feel indulgent, almost like we are being treated.

These feelings aren’t unique to us. The National Center for Biotechnology Information conducted a study that found evidence linking luxury brands to the brain area responsible for self-interest. Participants were asked to view images of cars. Half the participants were exposed to high-end brands while the other half were presented with more practical choices. Researchers found that the luxury group had brain activity in the medial prefrontal cortexes. This is linked to self-reflection, self-relevant processing and self-reflection. The pragmatic group did not.

However, it is possible to indulge in a little self-indulgence. Your home should be a sanctuary from the outside world where you are constantly attending to other people’s needs. Take a moment to think about what aspects of your home design will make it feel luxurious. You can browse magazines and websites such as Freshome to find out if you aren’t sure. Note anything that grabs your attention, even if it occurs more than once. To create luxurious interiors, you can try to incorporate something similar in your spaces.

Convenience is Everything

Convenience and self indulgence go hand in hand. It’s easy to be self-indulgent and get the results you desire with little effort. Think about where you are putting extra effort as you go about your day. You can brainstorm ways to add a bit of connivance to your daily routine.

Don’t forget that not all luxury items need to be expensive. Similar experiences can be easily recreated for pennies per head. Do you love movies but don’t have a home theater? A universal remote allows you to dim the lights, turn on the show and adjust the surround sound all from your chair. To transform your backyard into an outdoor bar, you can make a bar cart.

Do not be afraid to look out for luxury trends. You never know what you might find. You might stumble upon something you didn’t know was possible. Although it was not common to create a coffee station in your master bedroom, this trend is rapidly growing. It’s impossible to predict what might happen next.

Luxe Styles

No matter how diverse the elements of luxury design are, there is one thing that holds true: There is a luxury option for every style. There are many ways to achieve a luxurious feel, regardless of whether your taste is modern or more country-y. These are some tips to help you get the look.

  • You can play up features with character: Do you have fireplaces in your house? What about window seats or built-in shelving? These elements are often viewed as “extras” and “upgrades” so make sure they are the focal point of your room.
  • Spend on durable items: When you are forced to make a decision about where to spend your money, ensure it is on high-quality items that will last for many years. An appliance package made of stainless steel will last longer than a large TV that will be outdated in a few years.
  • Quality over Style: You can always alter style. You can stain wood and re-upholster furniture. Shop for quality pieces rather than shoddier, pre-made models.
  • Do not overcrowd the Space. Keep it simple and clean when it comes to layout. Only use as many elements of design as necessary to define the purpose of the space.

After you have all the pieces in place, add your own style to the space with accessories and fabrics. You can’t go wrong with natural materials. If you love the outdoors, you might consider using them in your design. Or, if you are a fan of Classical interiors and can’t resist marble, you could add some marble elements to your space. No matter what you choose, your luxurious foundation will shine through.

Luxurious interiors are timeless. No matter what fashion trends come and go we will always feel attracted to spaces that make us feel relaxed. It’s just natural. It’s how our brains work. These tips will help you think about the rooms in your house. We are certain that luxury can be infused into your home.

What do you consider luxury? What luxe design features make you swoon? Are you able to create a DIY version of these luxe design features in your own home? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments