Dog Chef Costume How-to

This sizzling dog getup will make your dog the talk of the neighborhood


1 yard of white cotton material 21/2 foot white lining 10 inch heavy-duty, iron-on stiffener 10 inch blue or red cotton scarf 8 or 10 small buttons Small piece of white elastic to sew underneath hat A small wooden spoon (optional). A piece of tape or ribbon to hold the spoon (optional).

*Best for medium-sized dogs

Step 1

Make the jacket by cutting out the jacket and lining pieces according to your dog’s measurements. Next, place the back and front of the jacket at the underarm and shoulder edges with the right side of material facing. Then pin the sides and underside.

Step 2

Place the collar on the right side of the material. Next, pin and stitch the sides. Both seams should be pressed open. Continue with the collar lining.

Step 3

The collar and lining pieces should be placed together with the right sides of the material facing. Next, pin and stitch around both the top (the inside curve), and the side edges using a small seam. Cut the corners and curves, then turn to the right.

Step 4

Match the collar with the neck edge of your jacket. Attach the jacket and collar together.

Step 5

Place the jacket lining on top of the collar and jacket, with the seams matching and the material facing the right way. Stitch around the edges of the jacket, making sure to leave the sleeves open. Cut the corners and curves, then turn out to th

Step 6

Align the underarm sleeves, with right sides facing each other, and then pin and sew them together. The seam should be pressed open. Repeat the process for each sleeve.

Step 7

Pin each sleeve together with the sleeve liner facing right. Sew the lower edges. Turn the seam to the right. Gather the stitch at the top by securing the sleeves and sleeve-linings together.

Step 8

The sleeve should be inserted into the jacket. Pin or tack the sleeves into place. Then, machine stitch around the jacket and sleeves. Press around to trim the curves

Step 9

Cut the curves of unattached sleeves linings and turn under. Slipstitch the seams to tidyen.

Step 10

Attach Velcro to the jacket fronts to make sure your dog is comfortable. Then, sew the buttons in two rows along the jacket’s top edge. You can also hand-sew a small piece ribbon to one shoulder. This will create a slot for a small wooden item.

Step 11

Take out the hat pieces, and iron the stiffening to one side of the lower cap and the hat lining. Pin the right-sides of the material facing together and place the hat and the lining together. Sew the lower edge. The seam should be pressed open.

Step 12

Pin the sides together with the material facing. Sew the seam. Turn the lining to its wrong side and press the seam open.

Step 13

Machine stitch the edges of the hat and lining together.

Step 14

Machine stitch the pleats in place by pletting the top of your hat so that it fits the lower hat.

Step 15

Turn under the pleated edge, pin it to the top edge. Then stitch the pleated top to the lower part of the hat. To make sure your dog’s neck is covered, attach a piece elastic to the bottom.

Step 16

Cut out the scarf shape, and then hem the edges. To finish, trim any hanging threads and press.