Craft Project: Umbrella Redo

Perfect Storm

Extracted from One-Yard Wonders: Cottons and Knits, Voiles Corduroy Fleece Flannel Home Dec Oilcloth Wool and Beyond

You can create a “perfect storm” with your favorite fabric coated and an old umbrella. This easy project will give a new life to an old, worn umbrella as long as it is in good condition. You won’t let a little wear keep you indoors ever again!

Materials *1 yard of 54/55″ or other laminated fabric *1 roll of coordinating thread

Dimensions of the finished product — dependent on the umbrella. No wider than 36 inches when open Seam allowance — 1/4″ unless otherwise noted

It’s time to make it over

Step 1: Take the fabric out of the old umbrella. Open the umbrella and remove the ferrule. Note where and how the fabric was attached to each rib and the ball tips at each end of each one. The new fabric will be attached to the ribs as well as the ball tips in exactly the same way. Cut the stitches at the seams where the fabric connects to the ribs, and the ends that run through the ball tips. You will need the ball tips to complete your umbrella.

Step 2: Create a pattern from the Old Fabric. Cut one of the original triangular strips from the fabric along the seam. Place the traced piece on the pattern paper. Add 1/4″ around the edges for seam allowance. Then, cut the pattern.

Final touches

Step 3: Measure, mark, and cut Fold the fabric in half lengthwise, keeping the right sides together. Align the selvages. You can make eight umbrella segments by drawing around the pattern on the wrong side of your fabric four times. For the ferrule reinforcement, trace a 3″ circle. The pattern pieces should be cut.

Step 4: Sew the Segments Place two umbrella segments together with their right sides together and align all the edges. Stitch along one side and stop 1/4″ from the end. Continue to add umbrella segments in a similar manner, stopping 1/4″ from the end point. Finally join the last and first segments together to create a large circle. To protect the thread from rain, apply beeswax to the stitching.

Step 5: Attach the Fabric and the Frame. With the right-side up, drape the segments over the ribs. Line up the seams with ribs. Attach the ball tips to each seam by hand-stitching. Then, slip the ball tips onto the corresponding ribs. After all eight ball tips have been attached, hand-stitch your new shade to the ribs at the same locations as the old fabric.

Step 6: Finish the umbrella You can punch or cut a small opening in the middle of this piece so that it can be placed at the top. The ferrule will then be secured to the umbrella frame via the fabric. Open the umbrella and place the ferrule reinforcement on the top. To hold the pieces together, reattach the ferrule.