50+ great gift wrapping ideas for the most festive holiday ever

It’s easy to identify the best things about the holiday season for those who love it. Gift wrapping is something that can sometimes be a bit less enjoyable. Many people who celebrate Christmas are familiar with the ability to identify who has given what gifts based on the wrapping. There are presents with perfectly folded corners and intricately tied bows. Then there are those that are just barely being held together by tape and thin wrapping paper. Although the gift is the most important thing, the wrapping and gift are just as important. However, creating a beautiful gift wrap is always appreciated during holidays. It can be difficult to find the most efficient and effective way to wrap gifts if you aren’t a skilled craftsperson. If you do your research, there are many beautiful options available. Most of them are also affordable, quick and easy. Are you unsure where to begin? These are 60 ideas for gift wrapping to get you started on your holiday season.

Santa and Elf Sacks

This year, gift your gifts in a DIY bag. Use the templates to guide you in cutting out paper legs, shoes and belts from scrapbook and card stock. Attach the elements to the gift bag using a glue stick. Let dry. Next, attach the buttons to your gift bag using hot glue. Let dry.

Topper for Christmas Tree Yarn Gift

A rectangular-shaped box wrapped with kraft paper can be transformed by adding some red and green yarn. Put a strand green yarn on the top of the box. Stick the beginning of the yarn down with hot glue. Continue the string of yarn by gluing another dot of glue to the corner. Then, cut the yarn. Continue this process until you have a tree-shaped yarn. To make a garland, cut a length of red yarn.

Candy Cane Yarn Gift Toppers

This yarn candy cane recipe is very simple. To create a swirl effect, twist strands of white and red yarn together. Make a small amount of hot glue and stick the twisted yarn to the surface.

Santa’s Belly

Transform your gift boxes into Santa suits to show respect for the man with the bag.

Cardboard Snowman

This snowman is great for multiple gift giving. It comes in three different boxes. Add all the accessories that a snowman needs to complete the gift.

Chalkboard packaging

This chalkboard-like packaging technique can be used to decorate each package. The wrapping paper can be made to look like a chalkboard by using a white distress pen on it. You can also design it however you wish.

Watercolor Wrapping

This DIY watercolor wrapping pair transforms white tissue paper into a collection of art.

Tissue Paper Fringe

You don’t need a plain brown bag when you have the option to give it texture. Cut strips of tissue paper and fringe one side with scissors. Layer them on the bag, then glue it with a hot glue gun. You can make it even more beautiful by using colored paper.

Dinosaur Fun!Wrap Wrapping Paper Kit

This wrapping paper is a great way to involve your children in wrapping. It can be filled in by your children, or you can let it remain blank if they are the gift recipients.

Santa Sack Personalized

Wrapping paper is not the best choice for larger, unusually-shaped gifts. These personalized Santa sacks can fit most gifts, and they are adorable. You can also personalize them.

Berry and Holly Bows

You can give your ribbon a new look by adding fake berries or holly. This is a great way to make your gift more festive.

3D Gift Wrap

You don’t need to stick with plain paper and bows. Make wrapping paper interactive with taped 3D objects such as candy or crayons.

Homemade Christmas Light Paper

You can create your own Christmas light strand wrapping papers using colored paint, black felt markers, kraft paper and your finger.

Recyclable holiday bags

You can save money on wrapping paper by purchasing special edition holiday-print shopping bags from different stores such as this one that was made with Trader Joe’s Holiday bags. To finish the gift, add string and tags.

Reusable Christmas wrapping cloth

These wrapping cloths, a long-standing tradition in Japan or Korea, are an innovative way of wrapping and can be reused and recycled.

Metallic Fabric Bag

These decorative, small-sized fabric bags are perfect for wrapping.

Tinsel topper

Are you unsure if your last year’s tinsel is in good condition? You can give it a second chance as a unique present topper.

Sticker gift tags

To give your gifts a special touch, place Christmas stickers on plain gift tags.

Tiffany Bow

It is not as easy as you think to tie a bow around a box. There are tutorials available that will show you how to tie a perfect bow around a box.

Christmas Tree Trimming

Do you need to add an extra touch to your gift? You might be able to use the Christmas tree trimmings that you already have. It’s completely free and environmentally-friendly.

Stick-On Letters

Grab a half-used set of letter stickers that your child used for their last school project. Write a holiday message on the gift box.

Flannel Fabric Bow

A thick, intricate ribbon can be costly! Use a festive fabric instead. You can use any type of fabric, including an old tablecloth or dad’s old tie. Sometimes, you can find great fabric at a craft shop.

Cupcake Liners Hack

Cupcake liners are great gift toppers when you’re in a pinch. There’s a good chance that you already have some. You can still get lots of cupcake liners for very little money.

Office Supply Dots

It’s amazing that colored labeling dots can look so beautiful. You can also remove them, so it’s easy to alter a polka dot print. You can use this idea even beyond the holiday season.

Glitz and Glam

These gift ideas, which are modern takes on traditional holiday gift wrapping, use glittery adhesive tape, a pen in silver and baker’s twine.

Reindeer Wrapping Paper

This cute DIY wrapping paper is easy to make. You will need brown paint, a Sharpie black, and a brightly colored bow.

Watercolor Gift Tags

These water color tags are adorable and easy to make.