20+ Fall Crafts to Get Your Home Ready for The Season

This is the season for tailgating football games and making cozy comfort food. As the temperatures drop and you spend more time indoors, it’s time to update your decor. You can do this by making easy fall crafts that require little effort.

These general fall crafts are great for decorating your home during September, October, or November. This collection of fall crafts, which includes birch leaf wreaths and rustic pinecone garlands, will make your home feel as festive as your favorite apple cider-scented candle. Grab your favorite sweater and warm up your glue gun.

Customized Pillows

Your reading corner or couch can be made more beautiful. You can make unique cushions by adding trims to plain white pillows or giving them a watercolor pattern.

Birch Leaf Wreath

Make a striking wreath for your front door or wall. Use an X-Acto knife or a leaf cookie cutter to trace the leaf cookie cutters onto the back of the birch bark strips. You will need approximately 75. Hot glue half of the birch leaves to a 20-inch foam wreath. To create a 3-D display, hot glue 5/8″ wooden cubes to the backs and then layer them on top of the wreath.

Pinecone Garland

This garland can be used in conjunction with other fall garlands around your house.

Mini Pumpkin Garland

Chelsea Foy, a blogger, has a great idea for a garland that you can make from everyone’s favorite squash. Paint, twine, styrofoam and paint pens are all you need!

Tray with fabric-lined interior

A beautiful fabric-lined tray is a great way to organize your desk supplies and serve as a drink tray at your next holiday party.

DIY Lampshade

This lampshade will light up your reading corner when you are ready to snuggle up with your fall books. Put 1-inch-wide sticks in a can paint. Vary the depth of each dunk and let dry. For a unique look, hot glue the sticks to a drum lamp shade.

Pom Pom Basket

It’s the season to get cozy throws. You can give them a home in a beautiful DIY pom-pom basket.

Pumpkin Apple Stamps

These simple pumpkin shapes are made of cut apples that have been dipped into paint. These DIY stamps can be used to decorate cards and other fall decor.

Watercolor Fall Wreath

Let your children create the wreath by giving them a stack of watercolor paper, a brush, and some water. The more colors you have, the better.

Glittered Acorns Art

Are you planning a fall potluck or other gathering? This charming acorn art is great for a centerpiece at a buffet table.

Outdoor Fall Planter

You can take your decorating skills outside and create a fall planter to welcome guests. The blogger used a mix of mums, purple fountaingrass, flowering cabbage, and blooming kale.

Embroidery Hoop Fall Worship

Hoop wreaths are a hot trend. You can personalize yours with faux pumpkins, flowers and leaves for fall.

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft

This easy craft will get the kids excited about fall. All you need is some craft paint and popsicle sticks.

Grapevine Wreath

This wreath can be easily made in 10 minutes and will brighten up any door.

Pumpkin Vase

This arrangement can be recreated by filling a faux pumpkin with autumn-themed stems.

Paper Cone Gratitude Wreath

The family’s gratitude declarations will help you feel grateful everyday.

Candle Vases

This decorated candle holder is a great way to relax in the autumn.

Pinecone Bouquet

A bouquet of pinecones can be used to spruce up a coffee table, or vanity. For a unique touch, add some fabric leaves to give it a quirky look and finish it with a velvet ribbon.

Indian Corn Vase

This simple centerpiece looks elegant with a pretty velvet ribbon.

Splatter Paint Pumpkins

When pumpkins are painted white with subtle fall colors, they become eye-catching. To create a beautiful display, line a few pumpkins next to one another on the mantel.

Pumpkins made from painted wood

While real pumpkins might be your favorite, these painted pumpkins will last year after year.

Fall Mason Jars

These are great for holding candles or candy!

Leaf Garland

This garland will bring the beauty of the outdoors inside. It can be hung on your fireplace or around doors.

Ombre Corn Husk Wreath

Arrange the husks so that the darkest shade is at the back and the lightest is at the center.

1. Set four plastic bins of medium size on a covered surface. Mix 6 cups warm water with 3 Tbsp of vinegar and 1 cup Rit liquid dye in the desired colors.

2. For 20 minutes, soak dried corn husks (from grocery shops) in the mixture. Rinse with water and dry on paper. Iron the husks flat between two towels.

3. To create a sunburst, hot-glue several layers of colored corn husks to a 12″ foam wreath shape. Hot glue a loop of wire around the back to make it hang.

Ombre Pinecone Tutorial

These vibrant pinecones will be a hit with kids.