20+ DIY Candy Corn Crafts that Double as Decor

Candy corn, like ghosts, witches and pumpkins, screams Halloween. Although candy corn is a controversial candy, you can either love or hate it. There are over 35 million pounds of candy corn produced each year. This means that there is plenty to go around in every season. Even if you are on the negative side of this century-old candy, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the benefits. You can make great Halloween candy corn decorations with it, or just fall decor that is easy to replicate. Even the most hardened candy corn haters will enjoy them. These DIY candy corn decorations are a great crafting snack for those who can’t stop eating the tricolored Halloween candy.


It can appear that candy corn grows on trees at this time of the year. Hot-glue candy kernels to a few branches that are clean and neat from your yard. Concentrate on the ends and Vs where the twigs branch. Place the trunk of the branch in a small Styrofoam square or floral square, and place it in the vase’s base. To cover the Styrofoam, fill the vase with candy corn.

Setting the Table

Candy Corn Crafts That Double As Decor Candy Corn
Candy Corn Crafts That Double As Decor Candy Corn

Place your bounty on a table covered with cloth and place candles and pumpkins in random places. You can use a measuring tool to make a straight edge on each side, pushing the candy further into the middle. Finish off with plain dishes or harvest-hued napkins fan folded and tied with spidery ribbon.

Candy Garland

You can string candy popcorn, so why string popcorn? Use monofilament fishing wire to thread the candy candies. Avoid areas where the colors intersect. Corn can be broken at these points. Use cloth tape to attach the candies to a mantel or staircase.

Sweet Wreath

Candy corn weaves together to make a vibrant textile pattern that you can use for your door decoration. You will need a Styrofoam wreath and black duct tape. Also, you’ll need a hot glue gun and candy corn.

Candle holders

DIY Candy Corn Ruffled Felt Pumpkin
DIY Candy Corn Ruffled Felt Pumpkin

Place a pillar in each glass hurricane or cylinder and fill it about one-third of the way with candy corn. Candy will help keep candles upright, so don’t forget to turn off the light.

Howl-oween cards

Indoors, kids going crazy? Make cards with art supplies.

Corn Balls

Hot-glue several Styrofoam balls together. Place the balls on top of containers or in a bowl on a table.


Although this backpack is not technically fallible under fall decor, it could still be used.


Anyone who said that baking couldn’t be considered a craft was seriously disturbed. Look at these. This takes artistic talent.

Felt Garland

You can either make your garland with candy corn or from these felt pieces from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff.

Candy Corn Soap

Although soap can be adorable and sweet-smelling it is quite laborious.

Candy Corn Man

This candy corn craft is great for kids younger than 5. You will need some construction paper and googly eye.

Candy Corn Flowerpot

Are you trying to encourage your child to be more outdoorsy? This craft is fun and easy. You can use any flowerpot that you have and paint it with white, orange, or yellow.

Candy Corn Mason Jars

These mason jars can be used as vases, cups, and baking dishes, so they are a great multi-purpose craft option.

Pompom wreath

The pompom wreath is also great for keeping the candy corn theme alive without worrying about the candy getting bad.

Witches’ Vitamins

Also, witches need nutrients. To make a double-duty lid, stack candy corn in a container. Every candy corn bite will bring you magic.

Coffee Filter Candy Corn

This creative candy corn decoration can be made with dyed coffee filters. It’s easy to make. You can hang it on a wall or any door with ribbon.

Candy Corn Earrings

These fun earrings are a great addition to any Halloween costume. These earrings can be a wardrobe staple and you can make extra to give to your kids or friends.

Button Art

This wall decoration will make your home stand out. This fun picture can be made by combining all of your buttons into white, yellow, and orange.

This candy corn-colored sugar scrub will clean your skin. This sugar scrub is made from food coloring and sugar. You’ll be the most sweet and softest one this Halloween.